This is a mini project for me to practice Unity3D.

Music used:

  • Prologue by Eric Skiff
  • Jumpshot by Eric Skiff
  • Game Over tune from OpenGameArt by avgvsta

I encourage every aspiring game developer to make classic games like this game to practice his/her own craft.

Game mechanics core functionality:

  • Spawn a random shape of tetramino.
  • Move down the tetramino over time.
  • Receive input from user (left-right key to navigate, down key to accelerate down).
  • Rotate the tetramino.
  • Stopping the tetramino when they reach bottom or other tetraminos, then spawn a new tetramino.
  • Map the tetramino in a 2D array of boolean when it stops going down.
  • Check for game over.
  • Check for finished row after mapping.
  • If there is a finished row, destroy the row, add score, move all remaining blocks above downward by one unit, and remap the 2D array.

Happy building!

All the scripts are available on my GitHub page:

Published Jan 03, 2017
TagsArcade, blo

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